All of our services are custom so we estimate every job. I realize that’s difficult to compare apple to apples but everyone is unique, and that’s the fair way to offer a custom service.

Rough estimates below are based on rough averages, please contact me for friendly free advice (if you want it) or information.

Wedding Photography $2300.00
Bar Mitzvah Events $1500
Portraits $275.00
Photo-Booth all-inclusive $250.00 an hour


We process all projects with contracts that make timelines, delivery dates, and products you will receive clear and easy to understand, we have a refund and cancellation policy that we both
agree to. All Assistants are paid at market rates no interns are ever used. We accept several payment methods and offer payment plans. We are fully insured, carry backup equipment, and always available to talk or chat or text. We work with you. We accept payments via Paypal, Square, Venmo, and checks.


We use Canon Equipment, Manfrotto stands, Gitzo tripods. We shoot RAW files and process our files in Photoshop and Capture One software.. We
provide a few other things related to photography and video editing and Digital Library Management of your images.

Turnaround times:

Photo-booth 24 hours for final files and web gallery.

Portraits 24-48 hours for
editing 1st look (this includes color correction, editing, basic adjustments) for review usually in-person.

Weddings 4-5 days for
the first edits, color correction, adjustments (based on 4-5k files shot) multi-day events will require an additional 2-3 days.

Finally, I would
take a moment to explain pricing. There are numerous extra hours and days spent both preparing and working on the images after events. Our pricing is lumped as a fee but it includes countless hours for preparations, scouting locations and weather, and resolving technical issues at the shoot location. Furthermore, we are constantly utilizing the latest data management, and archival best solutions.